Wanted : Roofing Contractor

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I am glad a friend asked my expertise for his house construction. Just like what I have blogged before, I have been dormant from my profession as a Civil Engineer 6 years already since I have committed myself to work full time as an Admin officer of our church. The last project I have supervised was the construction of our two-story church building. Seeing our sanctuary is just like looking at a master piece. It is truly a fulfillment knowing that I have given back to God the knowledge and skill he has entrusted me . Building our church is truly a legacy I can live to my children.

Now my services is engaged again for the construction of the house of our beloved pastor. Last week, I have been very busy canvassing and purchasing materials for the the steel and concrete works..Indeed, it is really wise to invest on friendship … I have a lot of friends in the industry who helped me get big discounts on materials, tools and equipments. This week we will complete the concreting works of the beams and columns. I am on the process now of comparing cost of conventional slab concreting against using steel decki. Thank God I still have my estimating book in case I forgot some data and formula.

One month from now we will be starting our roofing installation. This time, we will get a roofing contractor to do the delicate job. Yah! I just can not pick a contractor out from the yellow pages. Got to find a professional one with the credential and experience. I’ve learned a lesson while building our church. I was so focused with the costing that I awarded the job to the lowest bidder without conducting a background check of the company. I ended doing repair works one year after . Sad to say, the problem of water leaking damaged our gypsum sound proofing ceiling. It cost us thousands to do the repair works. So if you are planning to build a home or a building do not settle for less… engage the best contractor in your region.