My Dream Vacation

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The breeze now beckons in the air. And you know, when that breeze is blowing, it’s time to put your feet up, let your hair down and say hello to the sun. I can already feel the gust of the air and it’s begging me to dance to the sound of our summer vacation.

My greatest dream is to have Myrtle Beach Resort vacation. The Resort in Myrtle Beach has been the favorite destination of my sister-in-law and her golfer boyfriend. Why? Not only because of its scenic ocean views and semi-tropical weather but also because of the customized arrangement of her boyfriend’s golf games. She sent me pictures of her latest vacation last month and I can’t help but get envious… lol! I often imagine tanning myself at the heat of the sun, walking bare footed in the windy and cold air at night and dancing with my hubby to the sweet tune of the waves. Ahhh… I love sipping my favorite coffee watching the sun rise or just lying down with hubby watching the day fade-away.

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