On Mountain Biking

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We just arrived from a four-day trip to Bohol. We were given the task to make a sight inspection in Tagbilaran for a possible church planting in one of its districts. The trip from our place to Bohol is quite an ordeal for me since it’s my first time to travel to that place aboard a medium sized ship that swayed hard during its crossing the open sea to Cebu channel. I find it very uncomfortable especially that I couldn’t sleep during the night due to nausea and headache and I nearly vomited because of it. I promised to myself not to travel aboard that ship again.

Once we arrived at Bohol, we then inspected to possible areas where we can conduct a one-month Mission exposure for our young people. The weather is quite hot and we have to drink as much water to quench our thirst. It is at this point that my hubby remembered something. He told me that it is a good day to explore the place by riding on a mountain bike. He’s just go loco with mountain biking back home. He spends two to three hours roaming the country side and enjoy the mountain scenery. And he’s a health buff too. He always remind me to eat the proper diet, sleep 7 to 8 hours a day and exercise regularly.

At times after spending hours outdoor on mountain bike, my hubby would complain of neck and back pain. I would then give him a massage to relax his muscles or I simply let him lie down and take a well deserved nap. There’s aIso our handy lotion for back pain relief which is a great help every time I give my hubby a massage. I always remind him of being careful every time he goes biking especially if he would be doing a downhill maneuver. I’ve heard of bikers getting into serious accidents and would have to wear a neck brace for a long period of time. Enjoying his favorite sports and being careful in doing it is one thing that we always look into.

Pick-up or SUV?

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Our Church’s Family Camp is just Ten days away but until now we have not received confirmation on our request to borrow two military long bed trucks from Camp Evangelista . This is our dilemma of holding a camp so far away from our place – our existing vehicles are not enough for 250 attendees. The committee is trying their best of looking for the best option to economize expenses on transportation. My hubby too is looking for a pick-up we can use for this event. Our Sedan is not fit for rocky and hilly terrain.Our car has been with us for three years already. .. I guess it’s high time to have a new one. We couldn’t agree on what kind of vehicle to buy . My hubby and son desired for a pick-up ( like the one shown below) while we the girls wanted a trendy and chic SUV . Hubby is convincing me on the practicality and mobility of a pick-up specially that we are planning to cultivate the agricultural lot we have in Sumilao, Bukidnon. . Actually he has been searching online for lund truck accessories like truck vent visor  and bug shield in case our plan will push though. Hmmm… I am almost convince… for now what we need is to come up with the big amount of money. That means budget to the max!

Good News!

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Genelie , my sis-in-law called me up while we were on a business trip last week to share her joy of finding her new love . She’s been in California since year 2000 working as a Physical Therapist. Because of the work demand of her time and ministry in the Church (She’s an active Adventist deaconess)… her love life was set aside. Often times when we chat, I always encourage her to have time for herself and exert effort to look for the “man” of her dream… not only because she’s getting older already but most of all, we her family and her friends are very much excited to see her with her “blue-eyed baby” …Lol!God, in His perfect time gave her a boyfriend and she’s positive that he’s the one she will gave her precious “I do”. They have been a couple for 6 months now and she happily announced that they are considering a wedding early next year. Wow! I hear church bells ringing! I literally jumped for joy upon hearing the news. It is truly an answered prayer for all of us. She deserves to be happy and to have someone to love and love her for the rest of her life.

The first thing I asked her where will they live ? Will she be willing to leave the state she’s working and be with her husband? Genelie said they have not discussed the matter as of this time. Finding a house is not a problem, she said there are lots of hotels  which are affordable . Craig, her hubby to-be works in a drilling company so she prefers mobile homes so that transferring from one city to another would be trouble-free . She assures me to send pictures  after they can have the model village tours. For now, what she is asking are our prayers.