My Mom’s Investments

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My mother-in-law just bought a parcel of land as part of her growing investment. She’s hooked up in options trading like buying properties as an investment capital and future business ventures. She even tried putting her hard earned money on coffee stocks which earned her quite a big amount of financial blessing which in turn, she invested in a bank and small portion shared with her children.Mommy is always on the go. She has the heart on building her savings for security and future use. How I wish I have the same enthusiasm as her. She gives us tips from time to time on wise investments .Though she failed to gain on two big deals ( one from Legacy Investments and another from a Pension Plan ) , she doesn’t easily back down. For her, any failures are just temporary set backs and that she has to go on working and investing not only for herself but also for her children. She’s my model in terms of managing finances. She taught me to save for the “rainy days”…. to save for our “older years” and to save for our children’s future! Last week, I received a considerable amount of dividend from our coop… I thought of spending it all on our coming Wedding Anniversary but I was reminded with mom… so I took 50% of it and deposited it on our bank. Thank you mom for the principles instilled in us!

Thankful Thursday : Mom’s Birthday

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It’s Thankful Thursday once again. It’s time to declare God’s faithfulness in our lives. I am thankful that the whole family gathered yesterday for a simple celebration of my Mother’s Birthday and the graduation of my nephews and niece. Although my mom passed away a year ago, we have all the reason to thank God for giving us a one-in-a-million gift…that is my Mom. She lived an extraordinary life that leaves us a legacy too hard to ignore and forget. Thank You Lord for giving us Mama Purie…our mom, our mentor, and our best friend.

Remove duplicates itunes

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Time to buy a New Laptop! I roamed around the Malls in Cebu City to searched for our Laptop Battery but unluckily it’s not available. My brother-in-law also tried to find one in Manila but no stock conforms with the our battery’s specifications. Anyway, our laptop is quite old ( purchased 3 years ago ) .. I guess the parts were already phased-out in the market.

I am planning to buy a new laptop through a friend who is in Singapore for a One month seminar are. I chatted with him last night and he expressed how cheap electronic devices in Singapore. He assured I can save up to 30% since most stores are on “summer sale”. He’s an Electronic Engineer so I can trust him on looking for the best unit . He added that warranty and the after sales services are accepted globally.

Back to out old laptop.. it is still working if we continuously plugged it to the electric outlet … it’s no longer portable. Tonight I will remove duplicates itunes and other personal files. I am planning to give it to my son for his school assignments and project. Hubby and I need to chat again with our friend tonight . I hope we can decide what model and brand to buy before we run out of the promo stocks.

Spring and Golf

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Spring is here! Where the new bud of grass sprouts making the earth look greenest .. where leaves are unfurled.. Spring comes every April but officially it has started middle of March. The snow on was gone early … now the Hills, Sky and Forest reveals their purples, greens and blues. It’s a great time for outdoor activities… Kids love to play around backyards and the parks while adults as early as now are preparing various activities for this Season.

My friends in New York will be having this break Camp somewhere in New Jersey this Holy Week. Part of their Camp Program is their organization’s Golf Cup. They are very much excited to join since they have already acquired a Golf Platzreife processed by another friend who owns a Golf Shop in the state . Good for them… they have all the opportunity to be a Golfschläger. Golf is one sport hubby and I desired to play but unluckily we do not really have the time and the chance to get involved to this millionaires game. Aside from the fact that Golf courses in our place are very far … you have to be a member of the club to be accepted to play Golf. As I have said, it is the game of the rich and the wealthy.. I guess average average people like us will not fit it to the players social status. Anyway… we just fancy ourselves playing golf online or with my hubby’s cellphone.. Lol! How about you? Do you play golf?