Need Banner Stands?

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I was busy last night packing things for our 3-day Family Camp.The kids were over excited that their bags were full of clothes and accessories, as if we will be going on a month’s vacation… so i unpacked it again and selected only the necessary things. Early this morning, I woke up to finish hubby’s power point and other necessary documents..This camp will be attended by 12 different churches of the Blessed Hope Christian Community church International located in Mindanao and Visayas, Philippines. Being part of the secretariat, I would be very busy for all the documentation works. Each church will have a booth to showcase their Mission, Vision, Accomplishments and projected activities for 2010. I guess their will tradeshow banner stands also in each booth. In this way they can easily promote and express their messages.
Speaking of Banner Stands, I have seen some party list and other election candidates using them during rallies and forum. I guess it’s a trendy and practical way of political advertising since banner stand are retractable and easy to transport. I would recommend this method of advertising to a friend who sells real estate property. It’s portable and easy to install. What do you think?