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With my quest for healthy living, I am posting this Miracle Working Apple Cider. Why Miracle Working? God used this to heal me from my GERD or Acid Reflux. For one year I have suffered the discomfort physically and financially ( My medicine cost me P 180/day)… Lat month I search online for Home Remedies and I was surprised to see that all the links pointed to Bragg Apple Cider as an immediate cure to Acid Reflux. I have read the testimonies…some suffered 5 years already but were cured through this.

Instruction : Mixed 2-3 tablespoon of Apple Cider to a glass of Water and drink before meals.

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7 thoughts on “Apple Cider Vinegar ; YS

  1. Yes…this one is another healthy cure for GERD and this is vegan, fresh, no chemical added. I used Bragg product for years now.

  2. hmm.. i saw this at a health shop here at healthy mart.. I heard people are using this to lose weight.. is it true na maka niwang sad ni? If so,mgapalit gyd ko..LOL!

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