Clottey’s Peek-a-boo Fight with Pacquiao

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After the Sunday Fellowship, we rushed and roamed around the city to find a good seat for the Manny Pacquiao –Joshua Clottey Fight. Unfortunately it was already past twelve noon – every restaurant and Mall’s Cinema were jam-packed with fans who couldn’t wait to see the live telecast. Because we do not want to miss the start of the fight, we decided to go to the nearest hotel restaurant and just disregard the high cost of entrance fee which is 3x higher than an ordinary seat.

Unlike most of Pacquiao’s fights, his bout with Clottey lacks suspense . From the 1st round to the 12th round Clottey assumed a peek-a-boo position . All through the fight he was defensive and couldn’t give a good punch in spite that he has a longer reach than Pacquiao. I was dis-appointed since I was expecting a savage and flashy fight just like the one with Dela Hoya and Hatton . Anyway, I am as happy and proud as every Filipino who watched the live show in Dallas Cowboy Stadium.Who would believe that a bakery boy , who was just sleeping in a cardboard shack in the city of General Santos, Philippines could put 51,000 people in one big stadium? Yah! The crowd was the biggest in the history of United States after 17 years. I stand in awe when Stadium was shown… the parking lot in circular form glitters with led tail lights from the thousands of vehicles around. Hmmmm… I could imagine luxury cars from celebrities and business tycoons lining the huge parking lots.

Back to the fight , it was the easiest bout Pacquiao had in his entire boxing career. How I wish his fight with Mayweather would be materialized soon. This would be the biggest fight of the century. I hope both camps will have an agreement before the year ends. What is your prediction? Will this fight push through or fore-go?

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