Fire Hazard

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The power interruption is greatly affecting my blogging routine….Aahhh… got to wake up early before the power shut-down at 8 am. I can not grab opportunities in the evening..Waaahhh! I got a chance tonight since I accompanied by son with his late evening studies.I hope this problem will be solved the soonest time possible since it already affected all sectors of the community. I’ve heard that private offices will start grave yard schedules ( 10 pm – 6 am) …Hmmm this is bad for healt. millions of agricultural products are affected … the end result high cost of food products. This will have a domino effect.Worst of it all it is fire hazard! Will you pray for the Philippines?

One thought on “Fire Hazard

  1. hhahahaha…ambot nabuang ko kadyot gang….sige thanks kaayo very big..karon pako write kay gi-ayo amo connection pud….pray ta rain para no more brownout, blackout, pinkout, redout, whatever…blueout nalang nice pa..hehhehehe. thanks agin! dyaon mo hongkong?

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