My Son’s MP3 Search Engine

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I am not really a techy person… It was only when I ventured into an internet Café business that I began to be internet literate. Yes! I am a blog addict ( finally admitted it) but when it comes to video and audio downloading… I am zero. Maybe I am just not interested to explore and learn it. My 13-year old son is a wizard when it comes to this matter. He knows where to go and what to do the easiest and fastest way. Just like yesterday, he had mp3 hunting through an MP3 Search Engine introduced by his friend. I was not able to believe it , for less than 2 minutes he was able to download 50 songs! Wow! I asked him was it because of our internet broadband speed ? Or the online search engine he used… Hmmm… he said both!

Anyway, I am trying now to learn it myself. Why? Because my son teased me with my choices of songs. I told him to download me oldies but goodies songs of the 80’s & 90’s but he was able to get only a few. His alibi? He doesn’t know the album, title and the artist of the song… Lol! Good Alibi!

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