I Must Use It This time!

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Call it mid-life crisis … or super consciousness… but I really do not want to use my eyeglasses! Yes! As early as my college days I was diagnosed by my doctor to have astigmatism but I guess if my memory serves me right,I was able to use that eyeglasses only 4x – the day I was out from the Optical Clinic, when my parents visited me at my boarding house, while inside a movie house and when i took a picture of myself in memory of that eye glass…Lol!

That was 20 years ago … Now this is my dilemma – I am working longer hours in front of my PC ( 6 hrs in office and 4 hrs at home ), my vision is getting blurry every day but still I am hesitant to use eyeglasses. Actually, I have a prescription eyeglasses for reading and computer works purchased 2 years ago but i guess the lens no longer works for me. My hubby told me to get a new one but advised to use it daily to avoid further damage to my eyes. Hmmmm… I am thinking to heed to his suggestion. I found this chic and trendy eyeglasses from Zenni Optical. I guess this looks good for me.What do you think?

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