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The frequent brown-outs in the city is affecting the house construction I am supervising. We are on steel works already where electric power is essential for our welding machine and Electric Cutter. The fabrication of steel trusses should be completed with-in this week but I guess we couldn’t make it. The adjacent house has a power generator but the owner wouldn’t allow us to tap for electricity … even though it wouldn’t affect the electrical load. I have no choice but to engage a shop to do the cutting of C-purlins. Tomorrow, I will let the purchaser buy a circular saw blades for the machine shop . We are already one week behind our projected schedule. I hope the owner will understand us. Anyway, I logged all the power interruptions and weather condition, to support our request for time extension.

Talking about blades, I stumbled upon a site which provide all kinds of blades…. from Abrasive , ripping and diamond cutting blades. is a site which specializes in all professional construction supplies and Fasteners. How I wish the company is in our city, my needs for construction tools and machines would be easy. Really, I have a hard time looking from one hardware to another to find the exact specification of tools needed.

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