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This post is specially made to thank my friend Ariel Daug for lending me his Concrete 2-bagger mixer. For two weeks I have been looking for a contractor who could lend me the equipment for a short period of time but I could’nt find one. Usually contractors offers a minimum rental period of 3 months . I am so fortunate to bump with my friend during the building and construction trade last week. His bagger mixer is a great help with our columns, beams and floor concreting works. Initially, I plan to purchase Ready Mix Concrete but due to the location of the area , cost of RMC doubled … it’s no longer economical.

At this stage, I am now finalizing the building’s electrical and plumbing works. The owner revised some specifications and it’s quite laborious on our part to revise the electrical loads and the plumbing fixtures. The owner’s wife just arrived from abroad and she has many revisions and additional works like additional garage, service area and installation of wood fence instead of a concrete one. It’s like he original floor plan vanished in the air! Hmmm… I can feel the gnashing of teeth by the Foreman and the Engineer…Lol! We can not help but follow the request of the owners…. or else our services will vanish in the air too!

Anyway, everything are noted and signed in the logbook … so billing for extra works will not be problem. I hope to sit down with the spouses this Sunday to finalize everything. We are running out of time by constant changes.

I will end this post by expressing my gratitude again to Ariel for lending me the equipment at 50 % discount. You even went the extra mile of going to the site to deliver the unit. Bro, you’re such a blessing!

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