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Everybody in our church are excited with our Family Camp this coming April 1 -3,2010 ( Thursday to Saturday). This is a yearly activity aimed to bond families and friends and to refresh ourselves in the area of physical, social and spiritual values that are essential for our society today.

I have been appointed as the Head of the Secretariat Committee ( the job which I have gladly been doing for the past 6 yrs ). The task is quite challenging since I will be In-charge with the registration , accommodation and all documentation works. I want to relinquish the chairmanship this year but the committee insisted that I should stay with my throne since according to them “ I have been efficient with my job ”…. Ahemmm… Praise God!

Anyway, my work started last week by visiting the venue at one of the Universities in Bukidnon .Wow! I felt in-love with the place right away. With the scorching heat and traffic in our a city, the the cold windy breeze and serenity of CMU would be a perfect get-away. The open field is so wide that it can accommodate all our sports and fun games. Ahh…the kids will surely love swimming to the “max” at the kids pool. They have a hostel that can accommodate up to 200 people at a rate that is very… very affordable. ( if attendees will exceed, part of the open field would be available for tents at no extra charge).

I love their family room, complete with TV, Refrigerator and hot tub. Wow! I love soaking myself on warm water after a hectic activities . It will surely refresh and give me a very goodnight sleep. The hot tub is something new in this camp! Hmmm… but this is not available for all… only for the executives..lol!

Oh… I must go now and finished the registration form and program. I will post some picture of our captivating venue next time. Have a good day!

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