Pick-up or SUV?

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Our Church’s Family Camp is just Ten days away but until now we have not received confirmation on our request to borrow two military long bed trucks from Camp Evangelista . This is our dilemma of holding a camp so far away from our place – our existing vehicles are not enough for 250 attendees. The committee is trying their best of looking for the best option to economize expenses on transportation. My hubby too is looking for a pick-up we can use for this event. Our Sedan is not fit for rocky and hilly terrain.Our car has been with us for three years already. .. I guess it’s high time to have a new one. We couldn’t agree on what kind of vehicle to buy . My hubby and son desired for a pick-up ( like the one shown below) while we the girls wanted a trendy and chic SUV . Hubby is convincing me on the practicality and mobility of a pick-up specially that we are planning to cultivate the agricultural lot we have in Sumilao, Bukidnon. . Actually he has been searching online for lund truck accessories like truck vent visor  and bug shield in case our plan will push though. Hmmm… I am almost convince… for now what we need is to come up with the big amount of money. That means budget to the max!