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It’s Showtime! For the Politicians and Celebrities in the Philippines! Exactly 65 days from now will be the historical first automated National Election. Citizen’s from 18 years old and above will be lining up the election precincts to cast their votes both for local and national officials. The campaign kicked – off last February 9 and barely one month, the streets and parks are already filled with campaign materials… ( Ooopsss…. calling the Commission of Election… some paraphernalias does not comply with the standard sizes for posters and streamers). Various programs and activities are sprouting every where like sports league, singing and dance contest, medical missions, feeding programs , etc…all silently financed by different political “ wannabees ” . Just like last week, our subdivision’s fiesta , which supposed to be a sacred celebration turned out to be a political variety show.

This is Philippines! Where winning the election is through entertainment. The more celebrities you can bring… the more your audience and voters will be. Why can’t we just be like the Americans ? Where campaign gatherings focus on issues and platform ? They even are getting into political debates online … Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! I have been there once before being born in a family of politicians. My father has been a Vice- Mayor and myself, been a “ Sangguniang Kabataan” Chairman . I have experienced how dirty and tricky politics can be. Got many prayers for the big event on May 10,2010. Will you pray with us?

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  1. I agree masyadong showbiz at madumi nga.. Minsan nakakasawa na parang gusto ko ng sukuan.. Kahit sino maluklok wala pa rin pagbabago. kung may matino na maipwesto mahihila lang para madudumihan sa pulitika.. Hope this year for sure or even a little hope that it is somehow differ and it will change the history for the better..

  2. Yes! that is why I thank God that someone is running for President who is a God fearing and righteous person. We have a choice now to vote for a lesser evil or to vote for a righteous person who has a passion for our country and God.

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