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Time to buy a New Laptop! I roamed around the Malls in Cebu City to searched for our Laptop Battery but unluckily it’s not available. My brother-in-law also tried to find one in Manila but no stock conforms with the our battery’s specifications. Anyway, our laptop is quite old ( purchased 3 years ago ) .. I guess the parts were already phased-out in the market.

I am planning to buy a new laptop through a friend who is in Singapore for a One month seminar are. I chatted with him last night and he expressed how cheap electronic devices in Singapore. He assured I can save up to 30% since most stores are on “summer sale”. He’s an Electronic Engineer so I can trust him on looking for the best unit . He added that warranty and the after sales services are accepted globally.

Back to out old laptop.. it is still working if we continuously plugged it to the electric outlet … it’s no longer portable. Tonight I will remove duplicates itunes and other personal files. I am planning to give it to my son for his school assignments and project. Hubby and I need to chat again with our friend tonight . I hope we can decide what model and brand to buy before we run out of the promo stocks.

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