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Our Church’s Family camp is fast approaching! Everybody are excited with this fun-filled 3-day activity this coming April 1-3,2010. What made it more exciting is that we are going to hold it at Cental Mindanao University, Bukidnon. A place complete with facilities like soccer field, swimming pool, basketball/volleyball courts, kiosks and aircon accommodation. With the heat wave bugging us in the city , the highland will be the perfect escapade to cool down and relax.

Yesterday, everyone crowded in front the bulletin board the secretariat committee created. Pictures of previous family camps as well as pictures of this year’s venue were posted to motivate more the campers to join. Praise God 70% of the church member’s already enlisted … we expect increase of attendance as the date draw closer.

After the family camp what’s next? I am thinking as early as now for Summer Fun activities for my kids. They have been through with Arts and Crafts, Theater , Music Lessons for the past years… the kids want something new this time. My little girl desired for a Swimming Lesson while my teenager wanted Martial Arts. I guess I have to give-in to their wishes since last year it was my hubby who decided for them ( waaahhh….) . My little girl wish to have an inflatable pool in our backyard too! Oooopppsss.. I hope maintenance would not be expensive like the conventional swimming pool . I have to consult my friend who owns a pool on how much a pool filter b or intex filter cost. I guess having an inflatable pool in our backyard would still be cheaper, convenient and safe than going to a hotel’s swimming pool where you pay the entrance and buy your food at hotel’s rate. Hubby and I plan to install in our backyard the 8” x 14” x 3’ Frame Pool Set below.
What’s your plan for this summer? Care to share it with us?

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  1. That was a great summer activity! Kids really love enjoying summer with the water. More fun next summer!

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