Thankful Thursday : Mom’s Birthday

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It’s Thankful Thursday once again. It’s time to declare God’s faithfulness in our lives. I am thankful that the whole family gathered yesterday for a simple celebration of my Mother’s Birthday and the graduation of my nephews and niece. Although my mom passed away a year ago, we have all the reason to thank God for giving us a one-in-a-million gift…that is my Mom. She lived an extraordinary life that leaves us a legacy too hard to ignore and forget. Thank You Lord for giving us Mama Purie…our mom, our mentor, and our best friend.

5 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday : Mom’s Birthday

  1. Hala, almost pareho sila birthday ni Pr. Tedd diay no, it's his birthday today…Happy Birthday to all our love ones, once….to us too.

  2. So glad you were able to get together. I know what you mean about a mom who leaves a legacy. I miss my mom too since she died five years ago.

    Happy thankful Thursday!


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