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Two weeks from now will be our very close friend’s wedding and guess what? I haven’t found the right dress for the wedding. Aside from being busy with our upcoming family Camp ( April 1-3,2010)… I also can not make up my mind since it’s a beach wedding. I thought the motif would be flowery or something with a summer look but just yesterday I learned that the entourage’s attire are formal . The women will be wearing gowns and the men will be wearing Tuxedos or Long-sleeves Polo and Tie.Anyway, I am thinking of buying dress from I have just browsed the site and found many designer products. What attracted me most are the  pink dresses. Pink Polka Dot is a new designer line from Sharise Neil, former wife to Motley Crue’s Vince Neil, who calls her line “a denim friendly line of mostly tops and dresses for the sexpot in all of us!Their collection of dresses and tops has been seen on most of Holywood celebrities like Paris Hilton and Fergie. I love to wear the dress below for the wedding.

I find it trendy, comfy and cute ! What do you think? Is this ok for a beach venue? Anyway, I invite you to visit their site and see their ” easy on the pocket” collection.

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  1. awww…you really have a lot of things and events going on the upcoming weeks! good luck on your finances!

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