We need a Pick-up Truck

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“What you confess you possess”. This is what we believe! The pictures above are our desired SUV. My hubby and son printed and posted this pictures on our “Dream Bulletin Board”. Yes! After watching the movie titled “Secret”, we were motivated to make our own dream board where we can post all our desires such as cars, house, business., kids future career, missions, ministry, etc….etc. Each of us are free to post anything we longed for as long as we will include them in our prayers.Hubby is planning to post a picture of a pick-up to be used for our soon-to-be farm. The lot we have in Bukidnon has been dormant for 20 years already.Now is the time to redeem the idle lot specially that Mama in her “Last Will and Testament” appointed me as the Land Administrator. In a meeting with my brothers last February, we agreed to start farming by the middle of this year. We are on the process of looking for an Agricultural Engineer to consult on the best crops to plant in the area and other farming strategies.

In our meeting, we all agreed to buy a second hand pick-up Truck since we can not afford yet to buy a new one. We will just upgrade it by installing automotive accessories from Putco and Dezee.  A truxk  billet grill will surely add beauty to the pick-up. Below is the picture we will put in our Dream Board.
Next week will be our scheduled visit to the site and we need a 4-wheel vehicle . Sadly , all our vehicles are not suitable for mountain drive. Hmmmm… I guess we need the pick-up as soon as possible for our mobility. Can you help me find a good one with a good price pls? Just email me or leave me a comment.I will give a considerable amount as finder’s fee.

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