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Kids, specially boys love airplanes. Most of my son’s toys while he was young were airplanes. When he was 8 years old , I gifted him on his birthday a book all about airplanes. He enjoyed looking at various planes from world war II like a bomber plane that was used to bomb Berlin, to the modern planes of the 20th century.He is so fascinated with airplanes that even his bedroom has an airplane theme. I remember hubby and I roaming around the malls to look for Airplane Ceiling Fans. We were glad we finally found a Wardbird Ceiling Fan from an American Surplus Store . The Airplane Ceiling Fan was quite big that it didn’t fit at the trunk of our car. We were forced to hire a pick-up to deliver the items.

The next item I chose was an awesome bed that looked like the red baron fighter plane, which is actually a biplane. I topped the bed off with an airplane spread and sheet set and called it good.

For the walls I decided to get creative. I started with a base of sky blue which I painted white clouds. Then I used this really cool stencil of a little airplane and strategically placed them around the room. For the caper I found some airplane mobiles to hang from the ceiling, oh and I also found a floor rug (we have hardwood floors) that is blue with clouds and about 6 planes flying around on it.

I was looking for a picture of my son’s bedroom to post it here but unfortunately our scanner is not working. I’ll post it next time.

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