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It was our scheduled brown-out last Sunday so we rushed to the mall for refuge. Wow! The mall was crowded with lots of people..I guess almost all of those affected with the brown-out were there to cool off the heat of the season. Good that the SM Mall had these ductless air conditioners so maintaining the cool ambiance was not a problem. We ended our window shopping looking for air conditioners at the appliances section. We planned to gift mom a unit ..we are afraid her sickness might worsened due to this heat wave that unfortunately struck our country.

Yah! It’s really scorching hot in our city these days. Worsened by the “El Nino” Phenomena and the prolonged routinary brown-outs. Temperature here is as high as 38 degrees Celsius. Going out to the streets is like going out to the desserts of Saudi Arabia and Nevada. Ahhhh… I love staying always at the malls from sunrise to sunset. How I wish we have a split air conditioners at our living room at home.. so that we will not be crowded staying together at our master’s bedroom. There are lots of energy star split air conditioners to choose from .Hmmmm..wishful thinking!

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