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We have the worst summer here in the Philippines. Not only because of the heat wave that snagged us but most of all because of the regular scheduled brown-outs . The dry spell brought by “ El Niño” phenomenon and the electric power shortage worsened the heat being experienced in the country. I supposed to attend an “Earth Day Parade” today but I just skipped the activity because it’s really scorching hot. I just reasoned out that my “sinusitis” might be triggered by the temperature ( which is very much true!) . Ahh… I love the feeling to be at my cubicle enjoying the coldness brought by our ductless air conditioners … Lol!

Back to the summer heat, the only thing to beat it is to install air conditioners in our workplace and houses. A friend is still hesitant to install split air conditioners for her living room due to the electric power consumption but I guess the money spent for electric power is worth the comfort it will give. Anyway, there are lots of air conditioning units out in the market today that are electric power efficient. Like what I bought last year… it has a system which automatically stop the air conditioner and switch on the electric fan through a timer .

So beat the heat anyway you can!

3 thoughts on “Beat the Heat!

  1. Yep, I can relate. At least in Sydney it doesn't get AS hot as it does in the Philippines. We don't have any air con here.. only fans and ice cubes. The worst is when it gets hot at night. That's when I want air con.

  2. You are so right about installing air conditioners. In the past, I was also hesitant thinking about the hike in our meralco bill. But the heat is just too much and another mom told me, well, it's only for two or three months that it's this hot. So now, I don't hesitate to use our AC for comfortable sleep. 🙂

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