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I am currently here in Central Mindanao University, Bukidnon for our 3-day Family Camp which started yesterday . Thank God the school admin office allowed the Camp Secretariat to use their wifi ISP address. The committee was able to do their various downloading works. As the camp finance officer, I am so busy monitoring the expenses, payables and collectibles. Accounting work is really hard for an engineer like me ..Lol!

It’s siesta time here , so blogger in me can not resist to open my site and do some blog posting. I was surprised to see today that my other site with a domain name gained a page rank of 1. At last after 3 months of hard works it is now ranked. Now I am considering my friends suggestion to let my site be hosted for more search engine exposure . I surfed the web hosting provider she recommended and I find it reliable and trust worthy. provides a comprehensive and comparative details of top web host provider. Lately, they posted the best ecommerce web hosting provider for 2010. This is a great news for all entrepreneurs and businessman out there. For an affordable $6.95/ month, you can have a website to boost your income. The site have maintained the best ecommerce web hosting provider from one of the most recognized names on the Internet since 2003! So go… visit them now!

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