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As I was doing my price monitoring today for the construction of a residential building I am supervising, I was surprised to know that there is another price increased by 5 %. For just a matter of week, the price of Portland Cement increased from P 206 to 215 and the ordinary ¼ “ plywood from 260 to 275.Oh my… I regret I wasn’t able to order a bulk of these materials before I went for an out –of-town trip. This means another overrun on my budget. Anyway, I have no other choice but face the reality that prices escalates as political election nears.

Anyway, what I am doing now is to save on other items such as electrical and plumbing works. I am looking for a contractor to bid for these item of works. In this way I can get the best price … of course I should be keen on evaluating the bid so as not to sacrifice the quality of work.

I think I can save also with the architectural finishes. The owner gave me the freedom to choose what tiles to use for the flooring, the stone finishes for the exterior and the fixtures to install for the bathrooms. Instead of purchasing the original brand as specified in the plan..I can go for class A which mostly made in China. Yes! Not all materials made in China are sub-standard. My mother-in-law just finished her bathroom remodeling but believe me… she was satisfied with all the fixtures I have installed which are all made in China. Finding quality but cheaper materials is not easy. It takes time to shop around the suppliers showroom to get the best quotation and it takes wisdom to be a good negotiator.

The project is 75% completed .I just hope I can finished the project on time and with-in the budget.

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