Fire Damage caused by Brownouts

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The daily rotating brownouts is haunting the Philippine Islands. Cagayan de Oro City is continually plagued by a 3-4 hours of brownouts everyday. The whole Island of Mindanao was recently put under the state of calamity because of the power supply crisis. Just imagine the economic,social and business impact of these brownouts.Small entrepreneurs cannot buy power generator forcing them to close their businesses. I have a friend who owns an internet cafe and was forced to temporarily close the shop. Some offices have grave yard duties to conform with the schedule. I have been to the mall this afternoon but I only stayed 10 minutes since I can not longer endure the heat . Evening brownouts are an ordeal to everyone…. we can not comfortably sleep at night. One time we slept at my mom’s house just to get-away from the brownout. Worst ! Brownout schedules are sometime not followed .. .making our daily task more miserable! Tsk! Tsk!Tsk!

The worst consequence of this crisis is fire damage. In our city alone, their were already 2 fire incidents caused by candles left unguarded at night. The smoke damage caused by the fire resulted to death of some animals and livestock. The ashes and the odor left by the fire caused some sicknesses among the children and the elderly in the area. Prohibit the public to do its own clearing for safety purposes instead it is best to engage the services of a Fire restoration specialist immediately. They will be the one to work directly with your insurance company and evaluate all the damages of structures and contents. Scope of their works includes removal of acidic smoke and soot, take immediate odor-controlling steps, clean and deodorize clothing and belongings.

Back to the crisis… I hope this will be solve the soonest time possible.

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