The Flood

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The flash flood that hit Cagayan de Oro City last year caused severe damages not only to houses and buildings but also infrastructure like buildings, drainage and small bridges. It came at dawn when people were still sleeping and it was so fast that most of them were not able to salvage their belongings. It was very devastating – thousands of people were displaced , countless of animals and live stock died and crops were taken away by the flash floods. Thank God our subdivision is located on a hilly terrain thus we were not affected .

Due to this catastrophe, the city is now building a bigger drainage and sewer system while it is summer here in our country. Manholes were made bigger , reinforced concrete culverts size is doubled and more catch basins were installed. Most of the affected buildings and houses also applied Basement waterproofing and repaired their roofing. In our church, we replaced our galvanized roof gutter with concrete one. Everyone now are conscious to do everything to lessen damages whenever flood will strike our city. I am praying the depressing and unforeseen event will no longer happen in the future.

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