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Getting Sick now-a-days is very expensive. That is why in our family we are doing our best to be a good steward of our body. We are maintaining a healthy lifestyle such as eating healthy foods, sleeping minimum of 8 hours a day, exercising regularly and bonding together to unstress ourselves from the toxic surroundings.

“Health is Wealth” but many people do not realized how essential health is. It is only when we get sick that we value its importance. Reality is – when we recover from illness, we easily forget the doctor’s advises and forget to maintain the necessary supplements needed. If you have this kind of attitude…be reminded that our body has it’s wear and tear. Just like anything in this world, it has it’s limit. So do not push trough beyond what it can really take. You might regret it in the end.

Just as I have said, being sick is expensive. So we decided to get a cheap health insurance.. My mother-in-law suggested a cheap health insurance for the whole family. Medication and hospitalization of my mother-in-law is not a burden to her children since everything is covered from medicine, rooms and laboratory. How about you? Are you a good stewards of your body? Do you have a health insurance coverage ?

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  1. Yes, I am covered, but it is not always as easy as it seems. We just found new coverage to take up where our previous coverage left off.


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