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The home mortgage crisis is the USA has greatly affected almost 60% of it’s population. The crisis, which started in the closing years of the 20th century, became apparent in 2008 and has exposed weaknesses in financial industry regulation . A very close friend of mine is greatly affected with this catastrophe… she is now on the verge of giving up her house which has been her source of income. Her house serves as day care or drop in center for children. Her income can no longer compensate the amortization which bubbled 4x the original rate. She and her husband are on the process of looking for a cheaper but New Manufactured Homes for Sale in the city. Her existing house is located in the commercial area which made mortgage no longer affordable… so they are planning to transfer in a suburb area and look for Manufactured homes for sale that are smaller and just enough for the family. She is sad to give up her day care but she said this is the best option for the moment. She is planning to apply for a teaching job in pre-school to continue her passion for teaching children. She relayed that Modular and Manufactured homes are the answer to the housing crisis in America.

As a Civil Engineer, I agree with my friend that manufactured homes is cheaper than stick- built. In the Philippines, we call this pre-fabricated homes – homes that are built with concrete made at the factory. Masonry works does not have steel reinforcement but still passed through the strength set by the building code. The doors, windows and trusses are pre-fabricated so construction is done fast with-out sacrificing its quality. Actually our own house is a pre-fabricated one… and for the 8 years we have been living here, we are satisfied with the its durability.

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