Kart Racing at Cebu

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Last week we went to Cebu City for a wedding of a very close friend. We went for Kart Racing… it was truly an adventure I will never forget. If you happen to be in Cebu, don’t forget to try Kart Racing at Barangay Mabolo. Fee is only P300 for a thrilling and super fun experience.

7 thoughts on “Kart Racing at Cebu

  1. Looks fun 😉 My husband is into car racing and has been wanting us to try it out. Maybe after I give birth we'll go to one and we can actually both try it out together 🙂

    Hope you had a nice day!!

  2. wow! i'll keep that in mind… it's like being in a mario kart in real life… :D… thanks for the info.. ^^

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