Leaving A Legacy

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“Serving God, serving People”. This is the motto of our Church’s foundation. It was envisioned to be the heart, hands and feet to reach out to the unfortunate people in our community. The Blessed Hope Foundation was born out of a passion for our church to be community relevant in all her approach to the society. This was the cry of our hearts…to serve God as we serve people. It is life changing and finds inspiration to many.

Far from the picture of the church as people who must seclude themselves from people, we readily and joyfully engage in Feeding for the undernourished children twice-a-week in eight locations, teach the children and their parents in basic education and values, and we have 25 scholars to date who are enjoying the benefits of free school supplies plus allowances. This we did from our small contributions we give and from friends who have the burden to leave a legacy to other people. We also have livelihood training for the parents so they can extend their capability to earn more for their family. And last, we introduced the cooperative way of saving for the mothers. We followed this wisdom…”if you give a person a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach him how to fish, you feed him for the rest of his life.”

As I search for Foundation like ours, I happened to visit the Gene Haas Foundation site. I was amazed and inspired by what they have done to help the youth especially in the area of Education. I firmly believed that the world need more Gene Hass to make our world a better place to live. Knowing that Gene Hass Foundation has the heart to inspire success, passion and charitable giving together, I am more convinced that what we’re doing is right on the track. What the Gene Hass Foundation did in helping and extending support to such organization as the YMCA, Salvation Army is such a noble endeavor worth to be emulated.

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