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It is undeniable that man’s basic needs are food, shelter and clothing. Nowadays , people are becoming more practical because of the financial crisis that globally hit every nation. Except for the super rich and the famous, the majority of average earning individuals opt for manufactured homes rather than building big houses. Because of the recession and housing crisis that hit America… people are more careful in choosing housing units . More and more opted for houses with low monthly amortization which are just enough for the family.

For the working class just like us , we opted to get a 25 years term housing unit at a price we can afford. But lately, we decided to upgrade our payment system so we can finish paying our dream house in a shorter period of time. We reconstructed our financial obligation up to 10 years only. We save more than 50 % from the interest. We are planning to acquire another unit just like the Manufactured Homes in Oregon which is affordable yet famous for its quality and durability. It’s worth the money we spent. We considered this as a major investment for both of us aside from the education of our children. It is part of our legacy that we can hand down to our children someday. We will be excited to challenge ourselves through this investment since we knew from the very beginning that this is the fulfillment of our dream.

Manufactured Homes Oregon is a trusted builder, proven for its practicality, quality and beauty. It is their mission to provide outstanding home value to consumers nationwide. All of their homes meet, and in many cases, exceed HUD code and receive over 200 quality control inspections during the construction process. So for your housing needs consider Manufactured or Mobile Homes Oregon.

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