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In a society where time is gold, consumers prefer more on shopping online than going to local stores. It’s more convenient and efficient.It’s fast! Ordering takes only minutes…while going to your local store takes time and effort. Hours spent on traffic while on the road is a waste of time.I remembered last year when we went to Divisoria , we spent 4 hours on the road for a 10 km ride from Pasay to CM Recto, Manila.When we finally arrived, we had only 30 minutes to roam around the stalls. We went again to the Hotel spending another 2 hrs. with only two blouses at hand. My kids were very disappointed that they vowed not to go to Divisoria again.. Lol!
In the midst of economic crisis, people want to get the best deals on their purchases. They want to get the best buy. Browsing from one site to another to find discount codes or coupon codes can be very time consuming if you do not know where to go. Genelie , my sis-in-law is expert where to find best deals online. The two packages she sent us last December where all purchased from discount promo codes. Mind you! They were not old model items but the latest in the market. I benefited much with her resourcefulness. I was able to sold items like Victoria’s Secret and other beauty products at the tag price while she was able to get it 70% off. Now, we are planning to make it our business since the first package made a return of investment of around 40%. Her next shipment will be women and men shoes and bags. As of now, I have orders from my hubby’s friend. What we did was surf on the net for sale items then email it to Genelie for her to order them. I pray she will get again another round of bargain sale.

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