My Bedroom – My Sanctuary

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What’s your favorite area in the house? I’m sure it would be the kitchen… where you can find lots of food to satisfy your hunger. For me…my favorite place is our bedroom. I considered it as my hiding place… my sanctuary . When ever I am away for an out-of-town trip… my bed room is my most missed area in the house. Ahhh… though how magnificent and beautiful the hotel’s room would be… there’s no place like your own bedroom. Agree?
I love retreating to my bedroom each night. I love lying down to my comfy bed and snuggle under with my pillow. It’s my hiding place… my space away from the troubles and stresses of the day. I have a sense of serenity, joy and comfort when I am in my room… the room that I share with my hubby.

Last year, we transferred our Television set from our room to my son’s room. I thought it would do good for us but we were wrong. I would always fall asleep at the middle of the movie. Now that it was not there anymore… we feel more relax and peaceful.

We are thinking of buying a tempurpedic mattress as recommended my brother who is a medical doctor but I guess it is a little bit costly. I am waiting for a tempurpedic mattress discount from online suppliers. Hmmm… if only I have the budget I wouldn’t wait for a discount tempurpedic mattress just to have it. My sister-in-law is lucky to have one…it was furnished in the apartment she rented. She’s a physical therapist and she can really testify the medical benefit it provides. It relieves pressure points better than air mattresses, cotton , wool or latex mattresses. Tempurpedic or memory foam mattress have become the fastest growing segment in the mattress industry today. It is what every person dream to have in there bedroom. . Aaahhh… how I wish I could have one also.

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