Our Family Camp

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Our Family Camp last April 1 -3 was a very successful and memorable one. Although it was our 6th Camp already but it was the most attended and well facilitated camp so far. The venue was great – in the breezy Central Mindanao University , the meals were super delicious , the activities were enjoyable and the lectures were worth pondering too. It’s a great way of unwinding ourselves from the hectic and stressful works in the city. I enjoyed so much the amazing race done in the 50- hectare university campus.The 3-hour drive home was another memorable experience. It rained so hard… good that my hubby borrowed a pick-up with a stake pocket tie downS and a truck bed cap for our transportation. Our things were keep safe since the pick-up has a back truck cover. The 3-After the camp, my hubby was motivated to buy a 4 x 4 vehicle to replace our sedan which is not suitable for bumpy terrain .We are considering a second hand pick-up type or an SUV. Brand new one is still out of the picture since we have another big project in the making this 2010. In His time , God will make all things beautiful!

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