2 Days after the National Election

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I can not help but be dismayed with the result of the election ( local level). There were massive vote buying and I myself witnessed some shade of it twice – first when a presidential candidate made his meeting “de -avance” here in our city. The street where our church was located and where the ex-Barangay Chairman lives were jam-packed with people. As I passed by, a leader holding a yellow paper with names on it were calling people for countdown. Second, on the eve of the election. We dropped by the church to get something around 6:30 pm . Our car had the hard time passing through the street because people were crowded. The people in the neighborhood said that the voters were required to show their inked finger to get their money. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

A friend who is a beneficiary for two years of the scholarship program offered by the Congressman ( now the defeated Mayor Candidate) told me that even his co-scholar’s parents were swayed by the money given by the opponent. Oh my! What an act of ingratitude! Their children benefited a two -year scholarship worth P40,000.00 voted for the opponent for the amount of P4,000? ( P 2,000 each for mother and father).

What is very dismaying is that the margin between the two candidates was so slim… only 2000+ votes. I told my friend, if only the 1600 scholars were sincere , loyal and grateful enough. There votes could have won the seat.

Another factor that made an edge with the winning mayor was that all the Senior Citizen were prioritize in the polling precinct. The party list of this elders was formed by this mayor. So that means sure votes for him. Those who were paid to vote sacrificed the long hours of waiting while those who didn’t get anything went home .

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  1. P 150 at the basketball court of Villa Nena Ph 2 for each head in attendance, P 100 sa wala didtua ug gipanghatud nalang sa mga balay-balay—

    And that's for the son of the the said Congressman you are defending, who is running for the said position his father is to vacate for the lower post.

    Truth betold, each camp will claim that the opponent is buying votes when parehas ra sila tanan.. Palabwanay lang.. And people are just being practical, dawat left and right, but I am sure they have voted for their real choice. Malaw-ay, dili maau, but walay dili gabuhat ana.

    About the scholarships, ask the schools kung nabyaran na ba sa Congressman ang para sa EVS (highschool & elementary) kay dugay ra narelease ang budget ana, pero ang mga eskwelahan wala pa jud nabyaran. Unsaon? Election na baya, ug wala xa lain makuhaan sa budget panghatag arun mudaug siya ug iyahang anak. Mau man ug sapian xa daan, dili baya. As far as I know, ang sa TESDA, dili tanan nakadawat. Ang nakauna, nakadawat, ang naa sa ulahi, nathank you na jud.

    Perhaps madala jud mo sa pagpahumot sa congressman kay kada jutjut publicity man.. but kang kinsa mana nga kwarta ang gigamit ana? Naa pa gani xa daku kau nga utang sa gasoline station sa imuha ig-agaw.. gasulina sa previous pa nga campaigns sa wala pa xa nahimung congressman..

    if we are to choose the lesser evil, mas maau nalang wala siya nakalingkod.. The problem with most people one sided ra kaau. Ask the victims of this congressman. Nagtuo diay mo nga ang mga yutaan sa Carmen nalipay sa pagbaligya nila mga Uy sa ilahang mga yuta?

  2. Wow nag react dayon c Anonymous ate oh!

    mo defend pud ko since I am for klarex and kikang uy!

    P 150 at the basketball court of Villa Nena Ph 2 for each head in attendance, P 100 sa wala didtua ug gipanghatud nalang sa mga balay-balay—

    taga Villa Nena Ph 2 pero wala ko naka hearing nga naay gipangtagaan nila.

    Si Emano hinoun ang nag vote buying kay nanghatag ug tag 500 pesos!

    Oh God! Mu rule napud ang kusog kaayo kapamalikas, gapanigarilyo ug corrupt na Mayor… In Jesus Name!

  3. Hi there! I happened to bump into your blog and saw this one so I thought I have to enter the giveaway and I might be lucky, then I can give it to my mom in Pinas.. LOL! 🙂 Sa Isabel, Leyte diay ang amoa.. 🙂 Nice giveaway! 🙂 Thanks!

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