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This is the cry of today’s million of people “HEALTH IS WEALTH”. With the rise of disease related deaths like cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure and many others, people are becoming wiser and conscious on watching their diets and eating the right kind of food. Here in our place, it is a common idea to discuss alternative solutions to the prevention of diseases. Alternative medicine is fast becoming popular with hundreds even thousands of health conscious individuals take on herbal medicines to ensure good health and long life. From capsulated ground ginger, mushroom to the ever popular tree of life the moringa olefeira, many just went gaga on finding the elixir of life.

Last night , my wife and my mom-in-law underwent enigma. It was my first time to undergo this kind of detoxification. At first, I was hesitant but due to my mom’s persistence, I was able to say yes. Enigma is one of the most common type of cleansing one’s intestine from wastes and toxins. But everything about these health issues go back to the food we eat.

There is a saying that “What we are is what we eat”… it is really hard to discipline ourselves when it comes tour diet. How I wish my dream of having my own wellness Restaurant will come true. In this way, I can offer a healthy alternative to all those health conscious people. I have already a feasibility study of a restaurant business. Bulk of the investment goes to restaurant supplies and bar equipment. How I wish I could get a second hand equipments so that half of the budget will goes to the improvement of the place. What do you think? Will my Wellness Restaurant click? Or I will just go with the conventional eatery and fast food? Leave your comment please.

Your Travel Partner

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Luggage is a very essential item that any traveler must have. It carries all that he needs during his traveling days and stay in different areas. It will also contain all the items that he will bring back with him when his trip is over. Durability and luggage wheels must be considered first before buying any luggage. Durable enough to last at least 5 years and must have wheels to save you from a lot of arm and back pain from carrying the luggage around.
This is the lesson I have learned when I bought my hubby a luggage for his out-of-the country mission trip. I was attracted to the Mall’s sale that I grabbed right away the one with a big 50% discount plastered around it without thoroughly examining and scrutinizing its sturdiness and how functional are the luggage wheels. To my regret, my hubby went to Hongkong with a detached carrying handle of his carry-on luggage. The bolts and screw were did not withstand the rugged handling and transport of the airline baggage.

Talking about traveling needs.. Village Luggage and Gifts has a wide array of selection from lightweight luggage for the frequent traveler , water resistant for the tough weather condition, chic and trendy duffel bags to the brief cases of the Executives.

So the the next time you will buy your luggage, select durability over style and price tag, and always select a luggage that will last a long time.