Switch to Xenon Light

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This is what I’ve learned from driving safely. Whenever you encounter a car with its headlights on high beam, you have to watch from the sidelines. And it’s somewhat scary at times especially if you are traveling on a one-way street at nighttime with your family on board the car! You have to be extra carefull not to bump head on with the car in front of you. Wheew! Scary it is!

But I noticed that some of my friends are replacing their old halogen bulbs into HID lights. At first, I couldn’t understand why they did this. I’m having this idea that using HID lights will drain your battery fast and it’s not long lasting. And I did a research on the advantages of using it. And I found how wrong I was. This is what I’ve learned – Normal halogen bulbs (which is what I’m using) do not have rigid beams and have the tendency to fade into a yellowish ray compared to Xenon HID lights. It give extreme level of brightness that gives you extra clarity of the road you’re driving on. That’s very important to me when talking about safety . Xenon HID lights last longer than ordinary halogen bulbs.

We’ll those are just three reasons why I need to switch to xenon lights and be able to drive with ease, surety and safety especially at night.

Thankful for the Rain

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After 8 months without heavy rain in our city and the entire Mindanao Island , rain finally came yesterday. It was so heavy .. the earth drink its fill.

I pray that this will continue not only to sustain the hydro -electric power plant in the nearby city but also for agricultural products to grow.

Thank God that the heat wave or ” El Niño” Phenomena is over.

Healthy Drink in Protein Shakes

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When my hubby was still going to the Gym he takes lots of food supplement to boost his energy and curve his muscles. There’s that Protein milk, Protein bars and muscle booster pill. Now that he shifted his interest into mountain biking he only takes one food supplement and one energy drink before going to his usual 2 hours exercise.

Talking about exercise and weight loss diets, the most common food supplement is Protein shakes. It appeal to two separate groups of individuals: those who are hoping to lose weight and those who are striving to improve athletic performance. My P.E. and Home Economic Teacher once told the class that many dieters neglect to consume enough protein to stay healthy. The reason why some dieters get sick while on their quest of losing weight.

While it is proven that a protein shake is an effective meal replacement, there are many fake products in the market today that hamper the weight loss process. It is possible to find a whey protein powder that boosts metabolism, is high in protein, and low in sugar and fat. One of them is  shake – is one trusted name in Ready to drink shakes for losing weight. It provide an abundance of nutrients and protein ( 15 g per serving) with minimal sugars ( 1g per serving), in a convenient, delicious 11 oz. ready to drink shake. Try it today!