Looking for Luggages?

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Luggage is a traveler’s best buddy. It carries all the he needs during his stay on different areas like clothings, apparels and important documents. There are many things to consider before buying a luggage like its durability, wheels, size and weight. Please do not be deceived by discounts and promo sales at the malls. I have been a victim of this twice – during my hubby’s out of the country trip and during our one week family vacation. I was easily swayed by the 50% discount and the agent’s “sale’s talk” that I bought the luggage right away.To my hubby’s dismay , the handle was detached from the luggage even before arriving to his destination. The second experience is so embarrassing that the children could not forget it . They boarded their first airplane experience with a luggage that has its zipper burst open… Lol!

So guys, if you are planning to buy suitcase… prioritize its durability over price and design . LuggageOnTheWeb.com has been a traveler’s trusted partner for decades now. They have a wide selection of branded luggages from Hartman Luggage to Tumi Lugagge. I have just visited their site today and I can not help but desire for its hot item of Delsey Luggage below .

How about you? What’s your luggage preference and recommendation?