Beat the Heat with Ceiling Fans

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Yes it is true that Ceiling Fans add beauty and class to any room in the house. It serve a dual purpose.. to provide coolness to the room and at the same time serves as Ceiling decor. My mother-in-law is fun of collecting ceiling fans in her 2-story 8 bedroom house . Don’t you know she has 2 Casablanca Ceiling fans she brought with her from California to the Philippines.? That ‘s how fascinated she is with ceiling fans. She preferred having them because they are less noisy and obtrusive as compared to box fans and less costly than air conditioners.
Last week ,during my hubby’s birthday we brought her to the mall and guess what? She went directly to the home improvement area to see the latest designs of ceiling fans . She’s planning to buy a Mini- Ceiling Fan on her study room and another at her bathroom. How she wished we have Green Ceiling Fan (energy efficient) here in our local store same as the 2 units she bought from Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans .

Guys, if you want to beat the heat consider Minka Aire ceiling fans or Emerson Ceiling Fans. There is surely one to match your taste. Heed to Hansen Wholesale now for more designs and specifications. They can guarantee you the lowest price.

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  1. Ceiling fans cool the surrounding air effectively whether you have central air conditioning or not. They are a great complement to any cooling system in exchange for lower power consumption

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