A day at Pagcor,Tagaytay

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This is our picture taken at Pagcor , Tagaytay during our family vacation last year. To be honest, I haven’t been to a casino club in all my life so when my brother-in-law drove us to the place, I couldn’t say no. The kids were equally excited ! So we hurriedly pulled-out from our bags our cameras and cellphones .. ready to take pictures .But we were disappointed when the front desk security guard told us to check-in all gadgets since they are not allowed inside.. The blogger in me begged to bring at least one cellphone but I was denied 3x.. Opppsss! Policy is Policy.

The kids enjoyed roaming around but I just stayed on the smoked-free area enjoying  of an elderly woman .She was shouting and shouting that almost all the people turned their heads on her. I wondered how much did she actually won.

Anyway, my experience at Pagcor Casino was not so good since my sinusitis was irritated from heavy smoke circling around the place. But anyway, it’s an educational tour for the kids. At least they will not be ignorant on how a Casino look like. Me? I’ll just continue my tour at www.spinpalaceit.net at the convenience of my home.

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