Looking for Wedding Bands?

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This coming Wednesday (May 5) , I will coordinate a wedding of a Minister’s son in one of the famous hotel here in our city. Yesterday , we had our wedding rehearsal and because some of the entourage members were first timers, I had a little difficulty with the orientation.

The wedding is the most important event one goes through in a lifetime. As a wedding coordinator I know how stressful it is going through all the preparations. So I advised the couple to just relax on the day of the wedding. Anyway, everything is ready.

I had a chance to see their Celtic wedding band. I guess it cost a considerable amount but not as expensive as much as diamond wedding bands. Hmmmm…talking about Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings , I really fancies the designs of 24karats.com . How I wish we can have like the one below on our Silver Wedding Anniversary. Our existing wedding ring is a 22 k gold of contemporary design . Although it still fits us but nothing more fascinating than to have another wedding band for our 25th year Wedding Anniversary.Wow! Thinking about it excites me. Walking down the isle again with my children and grand children as witnesses would be another thrilling experience.

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