No Offense…. Noynoy!

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I happen to stumble upon Dennio’s Blog and I found his article very informative. I know some of you are big fan of the Yellow Color but I just love to share his views .Click the above badge if you wish to know.

One important truth I would love to share :

His name was not involved in any corruption scandal during his term as a congressman and senator but oh my, twelve years as a lawmaker (nine as a Congressman and three as a Senator) and he hasn’t passed or authored any major bill that would benefit the Filipino people?

Sure he is winnable… especially now that the solid votes for Iglesia Ni Kristo goes for him. Maybe when he will be the president.. he will make up for all the idle time in the Congress and Senate.

Whoever your candidate is.. you have the right to vote for him. This is democracy. All I pray is for us to have an HONEST, ORDERLY AND PEACEFUL ELECTION. Praying the problem with the PCOS Machines will be solve soon. WE can not afford another failure of Election.

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  1. Wow. Ngayon ko lang po na-check via analytics that you've shared my post. 🙂 Thank you very much po. 🙂

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