One Key for a Bunch of Keys

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“Aaarrgghh! How could you forget the keys again!” those were the same words my hubby would tell me every time I forget our keys for the main door of our house and with it are the keys to our office too!I would usually remember it when we have traveled a few miles from our house and have to hurry for an important meeting. Tsk3x…I guess old age and busyness can sometimes take its toll. I always would apologize and beg for us to go back an search for the missing keys.

We would then call or text our office mates and apologize if we would be a little late for our appointment. But I really do not like the thought of forgetting my keys. That’s one important part of my job as a church secretary. Keeping all the important documents and church collection for missions always would require me to lock all drawers and cabinets for safety purposes. Having read about Bump keys in the net, how I wish I could have one or even make bump key on my own.

In this manner, I would not have to bring a bunch of keys for different doors which would oftentimes be an added burden on my part. I would rather have 1 Schlage bump key for all types of locks. Would it not be a breather for me? Why don’t you try this one on your own too?

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