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Yesterday was my hubby’s birthday ! But the celebration started 3 days before it. His Bible Study group or what we call here Light Station surprised him with advance birthday celebration. Because the notice was too short, what I did was to look for ideas for foods you can make with a convection toaster oven. Thank God I was able to find an easy to cook cookie recipe from the local store. While he was out doing his biking exercise me and my kids did our experimental cookie recipe. Hmmm… it turned out ok.We were able to cook 50 pcs. Just enough for the children attending the Party. But….the worst part was,he arrived from earlier than we expected. So we were all caught baking and cooking the cookies. That means it was no longer a surprised. The kids in return, told him the truth!

Anyway, the simple celebration was a joyous one. Every attendees brought their own food. It turned out that the food excessed the number of people. We were able to bring home some…Lol! The wishes and greetings of his lighthouse members were very inspiring that my hubby was teary eye.Me ? I just suppressed my feelings. It’s very fulfiling to know that you labor in the Lord is not in vain.

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