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Thank God our problem with our untitled lots in Manolo Fortich and Sumilao , Bukidnon are now solved through LAMP – Land Acquisition Management Program. It is a long-term commitment of the Government of the Philippines to increase land tenure security and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the land titling and administration system. . If you have an untitled agricultural lot.. go to lot for help.
This Friday we will be going to the LAMP office in Kisolon, Bukidnon to submit our papers. We saved a lot of money and effort for the titling of this lot. Usually it will cost between P10,000-P20,000 for the survey and documentation . We will use a pick-up truck since we will proceed to the area for inspection and load some Cassava. Good that the pick-up of our friend has a tri fokd tonneu which is It is fully lockable and get easily be folded up to full truck bed access. The tonno will surely cover all our loads . Also the bqkflip hd will protect it from the sun and rain considering that it will be a 2 hours travel from the farm to our place. Ahhhh…. we really wished to own a pick-up someday. A unit complete with Truck accessories as seen at A second hand would do as long as it is still in good condition.

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