Route 66

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A friend of mine who is a teacher in one of the prestigious school here in our place have a knack for creating new ideas and something useful out of a pile of garbage or anything that seem to be useless. He’s a friend of my brother who is likewise a jack of all trade when it comes to inventing things. Both of them are grease monkeys when it comes to mechanical things and cars. The hours they spent checking monitoring, replacing auto parts would seemed to be just a minute to them as they enjoy inventing and modifying car designs and other parts of it.

When we see the movie the “ Cars” , we were both reminded with the famous route 66. We call them and encourage them to name their hubby shop Route 66 and invite their friends who are into car modifying to drop by. If my brother and my friend just be given a break for their invention in auto parts, I am really sure it would be a great hit. You might be surprised as well that a simple simple thing as a tin can could be transformed into an important part of your automobile. Seeing and enjoying my friend and my brother’s innovations encouraged me to search for new ideas and even try inventing my own piece of gadget for our car.

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