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“ I am dieting at all time, but I can’t lose any weight”.We hear this complain oftentimes . For many people, losing weight is a frustrating endeavor because no matter how hard they seem to be trying, nothing changes. I knew a friend who went to the gym but instead of losing weight , she gained more pounds from it. Some say South Beach diet is sure effective, but my sister-in-law in California tried it for 6 months but it didn’t work for a Physical Therapist like her. Her working schedule found it difficult to follow.Me? I tried many ways. Eating before Six o’clock in the evening was a fad before but I guess I have a hard time following the time. I go out from the office 5 pm , with the traffic on the road? I surely ends up on the dining table 7:30 pm.. tsk..tsk..tsk.. I tried also drinking various “slimming tea” but it’s not good with my acid reflux. I tried jogging around the subdivision early morning but it was stopped when our house help went home. I no longer have time due to domestic obligation.

Whew! It’s really hard to lose weight. What I am doing now that I find very effective is to lessen carbohydrate intake and to skip food between meals. I just a nibblechocolite  the sugar free and high in fiber chocolate when I feel the urge of eating. How about you? Whats your weight loss diet ?

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