Sun room for House Construction

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Above is the latest picture of the building I am supervising. We have been waiting for three weeks for the delivery of steel deck , unfortunately the supplier cannot commit on the exact date of materials to arrive from Manila to Cagayan de Oro City. The owner has no choice but go for the conventional way of form works installation. If you will zoom the picture , you notice the messy timber scaffolds and form works . This is the disadvantage of using timber form works.

Since the owner was there when we visited the site, we discussed some revision of the plan such as the construction of a sun room. The house is located in the suburbs, it is more advisable to construct a sun room to enjoy more the greenery and landscape of the surrounding area. Sky really is the limit because this type of room allows you to look up into the sky .The natural light and comfort makes sun room an ideal place for an office, library or indoor sport room. It is not only cost efficient but it can add charm, beauty, and functionality to any home. The contractor projected to finished all the concreting works at the end of the month . I can not wait for this room to be constructed by June.

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