Waiting for the Blessing

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For the past month, we’ve been thinking and talking of buying a pick-up truck for our desire to engage into farming. We have land areas in Bukidnon rented by Del Mon Philippines. Some parcels of land were considered non-arable by DMPI due to some slopes. This areas were idle for the past 30 years. It was only when my mother died that we decided to visit the site. To our surprise , more than 5 hectares are very fertile for farming. Last week, we visited again the site and the more were are excited to start planting crops.

Now, we are planning to buy second hand pick-up truck since we can not afford a brand new one. A million investment for a pick-up is not practical, we might as well invest it for farming. A friend referred us to a used Car and Truck shop and we were able to choose a pick-up. Although it is 2005 model, we will just add accessories for added beauty and protection like truck cover, wood dash kits rain guard and cargo liner. We are waiting for a bigger blessing so that we can get the vehicle. I hope and pray when our money arrive, the pick-up is still available.

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